Welcome Chair People of 2018-2019!
Thank you to those of you returning as Chair People and those of you who are new to the position!  You are an important part of the PTO, and your time, talent and expertise in fulfilling your role is very much appreciated!  The PTO President and the entire Executive Board is here to support you and your committee.  Please reach out if you need assistance.

In order to have a well-run organization, it is important that all Chair People follow the same guidelines below:

Communicating with the PTO President
  • Please direct all PTO questions and concerns to the PTO President.  The PTO President will inform the Principal of any and all pertinent matters.  In order to see the PTO Communication Flowchart, please click here.
  • Please request approval BEFORE 1) Printing, 2) Distributing, 3) Hanging any and all flyers or posters which pertain to your committee.  All PTO flyers/posters and their distribution must first be approved by the PTO President, followed by the Principal.  All approved PTO flyers/posters must have the Way PTO logo on them.
  • If you need something to be posted on the PTO Website or an email sent out to all those on the PTO Website, i.e. advertising an event, news about a program, etc. please email the PTO President who will post it/send it for you.
Welcoming Committee Members
At the beginning of each year, each of the committee members from the prior year are removed from the committee list.  This is to ensure that "graduated" parents or parents who are no longer able/interested to be on committees are not improperly listed in your committee.  Therefore, it is extremely important to let other parents know that if they are interested in being on a committee they are to either 1) Complete the information on the "Join Committees Here!" tab or 2) Complete a hard copy and turn it into the PTO box.  Either way, the PTO President will update the "Current Committee Members" tab and send you an email that you have a new committee member(s).
Once you receive an email regarding the new committee member, please email him/her welcoming him/her onto the committee, giving dates of upcoming events and meetings.  Please always email all of your committee members to invite them to any and all meetings you have. 
Please Follow Your Budget
Each committee has a budget which is the dollar amount you are allowed to spend throughout the year for your committee.  You are given this budget during Chair People meetings with the PTO President held at the beginning of the school year.  It is also listed here in the Approved 2017-18 Budget  Under "Expenses" you will find your allotted budget next to your event/committee name.  If you have any questions regarding your budget or if you feel you may be exceeding your budget, please inform the PTO President so that we can make arrangements to handle the situation.
Our PTO is Tax Exempt
Our PTO does maintain the 501(c)(3) Federal Status Letter from the government which means direct donations are tax-deductible (to the extent allowed by law).  Only a tax advisor can direct the donator what can and cannot be deducted.
Our PTO is sales tax exempt which means when you make purchases, please tell the vendor we maintain the 501(c)(3) federal status and do not need to pay sales tax.  Our Tax ID Number is 43-2044865.
Chair People Paperwork
(Simply click on the name of the form, complete and/or print it.)
The paperwork is to not only help the Treasurer ensure our PTO Budget is balanced, but also to assist you.  Before you turn in any paperwork, it is IMPERATIVE that you make a copy for yourself to keep in your committee's paperwork/binder. 

Please turn in all following paperwork in the Pink Zippered-Folder located in the PTO Box.  If you should have any questions, please email the PTO Treasurer or PTO President.  Please give the Treasurer at least 48 hours to fulfill your requests.  If you need a request completed quickly, please email the Treasurer.  
  • Check and Reimbursement Request: Used to either 1) Pay a vendor (you can have the check cut prior to the event so that you may pay the vendor or you can have the Treasurer send the vendor a check after the event) OR  2) For you to be reimbursed for buying something with your own money.  For either scenario, you must attach either the supporting receipt or invoice for it to be paid.  You may print the form (from hyperlink above) or use a hard copy which is located in the Front Office.  If you receive a reimbursement check, please cash ASAP.  If you do not, the PTO's bank statement will not be correct until you do (this is the information we generate our financial reports).
  • Way PTO Cash Box Request: Used to make change if you will be collecting cash for an event (remember, in most cases you can also accept checks made payable to "Way PTO" AND, upon request, we can enable you to accept credit cards with PayPal Here).  PLEASE GIVE THE REQUEST TO THE TREASURER AT LEAST 48 HOURS BEFORE IT IS NEEDED.  Once you leave the Request in the PTO box, please either call, text or phone the Treasurer that the Request is waiting for her. Upon receipt, please count the cash to ensure accuracy.  In the cash box you will also find your Way PTO Cash Box Request.
  • Way PTO Deposit Form: Used to deposit any cash or checks.  If you are using this form to deposit cash (and any excess cash) from a cash box, please staple the original Way PTO Cash Box Request to the Way PTO Deposit Form.  Very important: Do Not put cash in the Pink-Zippered Folder.  Please hand your completed Way PTO Deposit Form and cash/checks to one of the ladies in the office who will put it in the office safe.  Please email the Treasurer that money is waiting for her in the office safe.
  • Facilities form: Once your committee has been approved to use a location within the building, this form is used to request that the custodian provide chairs, tables, etc.  Drawing a small map on the back would be extremely helpful.  Please give this completed form to one of the ladies in the office at least ONE WEEK prior to your event.
  • Committee Expense Income Report: Used to keep a running total of your expenses for your event.  Under your event's budget dollar amount, you will type in each expense you incur and subtract the dollar amount of the expense from your budget.  Continue to do this until you have included each expense.  After subtracting each of your expenses from your budget, you should have a remaining balance of $0.  (It is exactly like balancing a checkbook.)  Please use this report WHILE you are planning your event - NOT AFTER.  This is to help you to not go over budget.  If you find you are going over budget, you must notify either the PTO President or PTO Treasurer right away.  Please keep this completed form in your committee's paperwork/binder so to help you or the next Chair Person the following year.  
  • PTO Event Summary: Used to record all information you and your committee noticed during your event.  For example, did you like/dislike a certain vendor, did you have too many/not enough volunteers, was a particular food popular, etc.  All information from your event must be logged while it's still fresh in your committee's minds.  Please keep this completed form in your committee's paperwork/binder so to help you or the next Chair Person the following year.
Remember, there are a lot of people here to help!  Everyone wants you and your committee to succeed.  If you need any assistance, please let the PTO President or PTO Treasurer know.
Again, welcome Chair People and have a fabulous year!